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We partnered with Lifestyle Communities to develop a brand for their up-and-coming cooperative living community—Artessa Living. Artessa represents the ideal lifestyle active people aspire to live as they transition into retirement. We created a logo and identity system that embodies Artessa’s friendly, inclusive nature and wrapped it all in a premium, boutique feel. We also made the brand adaptable to each of its locations by including custom colors and patterns inspired by their respective, regional quirks.

Artessa Moodboard

Image of a woman biking
Artessa badge Gif
Artessa Color Palette
Artessa collateral

Woman smiling in colorful headscarf
Image of Artessa kitchen
Artessa door hangers

From leaves, waves, tree rings and snow, we created custom patterns inspired by the natural elements of the Minnesota landscape. When enlarged, they create beautiful, abstract patterns that bring energy and life to the language.

Varied Artessa posters

Artessa quilt
Artessa logo window decal