A flexible and inclusive approach to building brands.


We’re a team of strategic designers who came together to create a more impactful way to work. 

Meet Magenta

Stacia Service

, Founding Partner & Designer

Stacia enjoys solving problems through thoughtful, yet efficient design. With a background in brand identity, web design and user experience, she always strives to create with balance, intention and the end-user in mind, all while finding time to play with her pet goats.

Grant Wilson

, Founding Partner & Designer

Over the course of his career, Grant has learned the importance of designing with purpose. He brings shape to big ideas and creative solutions for CPG and tech brands alike. While his background is in design, he will really impress you with his knowledge of sandwiches, disc golf, and vintage video games.

Stacy (Kuhlmann) Carr

, Founding Partner & Producer

Stacy is dedicated to creating strong partnerships and efficient process while motivating a collaborative culture. With a focus in creative production, she has a diverse skillset and is involved in every phase of a brand’s journey. Her experience in managing creative teams and clients has proven that no two projects or brunch recipes should be approached the same.

Tessa Portuese

, Art Director & Designer

Tessa balances intuition and strategy to create designs with eclectic personality. Her work is always informed by visual trends, competitive research, and abundant brainstorming. Her skillsets range from creating holistic brand systems to illustration to hustling her friends at every board game.


Together, we’ll merge our expertise with yours to build a custom process and team to deliver exactly what your brand needs. 


Our Trusted Network

Alongside our close-knit team, we can activate the right people within our network to tackle any project together. We have long-standing relationships with teams consisting of brand strategists, copywriters, developers and motion designers with a wide variety of industry experience and expertise.